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Why Our Customers are Thankful to Work in L&D

Written by Ryan Kamp

To me, Thanksgiving means turkey, football, and reflection on the year gone by. As my first year at Grovo draws to a close, I’ve reflected a lot on what I love about this company and the role I play on our team.  Far and away, the most fulfilling part of my job as a Customer Success Manager here at Grovo is the chance to work directly with Learning & Development changemakers whose work improves the lives and careers of their coworkers.

While reflecting on what we’re thankful for at Grovo, we asked some of our customers why they’re thankful for their careers in L&D.

“We believe that growing and developing our people is one of the most important parts of being a successful business. People who are continuously challenged to better themselves become more and more committed to the company’s vision and mission.

We are thankful for all the wonderful associates we have who enhance the customer shopping experience every day!”

— Shira Boschan (VP, People Development) and Holly Heinze-Coolican (Director, People Development), Raymour and Flanigan

Every bit of growth an L&D professional achieves for her own teammates produces a ripple effect that results in happy customers, better productivity, and stronger business outcomes. That far-reaching impact centers on dedicated people who care about making their teammates better.

“I think people should be a priority in any business. Whether it’s a non-profit or construction company, people make the business work. That’s why I love what I do – – learning and development inherently prioritizes people, and when you do it well, they stay with you and do great work.”

— Angela McCutcheon, Director of Training and Program Development, PAWS Chicago

It’s about the people. We always say that here at Grovo, but it’s just as true for our customers. Time and again, we’ve seen that companies who invest in helping their people get better every day see lower turnover, higher engagement, and are recognized as the places where people love going to work every day.

“The work I put into my role may not lead to immediate results. But, the payoff is when your colleagues come back to you and say ‘That was extremely valuable and I’ll be better at and happier in my job as a result.’ I get to go to sleep every night, exhausted, knowing that what I do matters.”  

— Calvin Ng (Director, Learning and Development), Pernod Ricard

L&D is surely a labor of love; creating meaningful change takes time. But the long-term payoff is recognizable at every level. Success in an L&D role means contributing to a better, stronger, happier company and it’s tough not to be proud of that.

During this Thanksgiving season, we’re grateful for our customers and the amazing partnerships we’ve built together. It is a joy to work with people who are in the business of helping people. At the end of the day, that’s why we do what we do.