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The Changing Workforce: Chicago Happy Hour & (Micro)Learn Highlights

Chicago Happy Hour & (Micro)Learn Highlights
Written by Summer Salomonsen

Last Thursday, Johanna Pistell of Starwood Retail Partners and I had the privilege to lead a session on today’s changing workforce to a room full of Chicago-based L&D practitioners.

It was a fun and engaging session where we discussed how our workforce is rapidly changing and how we, as L&D practitioners, must evolve alongside our changing workforce and how Microlearning helps us provide meaningful learning to our teams.

Continue reading as I recap the key highlights from the session. I look forward to seeing you all in our next Grovo (Micro)learn session!

Key Highlights

The workforce is changing, and new skills are needed
Organizations are getting flatter, and individuals are tasked with more responsibilities—which is where L&D comes in. L&D is crucial to help employees build up professional skills in a changing workplace, like working cross functionally, influencing without authority, and managing projects without admin support.

Learning for right now, not later
By 2025, 70% of the workforce will be made up of Gen Xers and Millennials. Younger generations are staying at jobs for shorter tenures, which means L&D has to be faster and more targeted at delivering needed skills to do the job they have to do today.

Sexual harassment training gets a boost from Microlearning in the flow of work
Johanna Pistell shared how Grovo Microlearning, which can be completed in the flow of the employee’s workday in sharp, concise bursts, helped her successfully roll out sexual harassment training, when Starwood employees no longer have the luxury of two hours of interrupted time to do training.

Enlist leadership early on
Johanna also shared how she gave a preview of Grovo’s Microlearning sexual harassment training early on to leadership, and got them to understand its importance for building an inclusive culture while meeting legal requirements. So once she rolled out the training to the broader workforce, employees got a clear message from top down, not just from HR, about the need for the training.

Even if you couldn’t make it to our (Micro)learn event, we’re sharing our session handout with you, so you can plan your organization’s Microlearning strategy. Download the worksheet now.