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Capital One and Grovo Team Up on $150 Million Future Edge Campaign

Written by Grovo

Grovo is thrilled to announce that beginning this summer, we will join Capital One’s $150 million campaign to empower Americans to succeed in the modern economy. Sponsored by Capital One’s Investing for Good program, the Future Edge initiative will use Grovo’s expertise in digital learning to educate over 5,000 low-to-middle income individuals in the skills integral to the digitally-driven workplace.

We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity that Future Edge represents. At our core, Grovo is a mission-driven company that was founded with the goal of solving the digital skills gap. Since then we’ve trained thousands of people in organizations ranging from enterprise companies to university students. Along the way, we’ve built the industry’s leading educational technology tool with a methodology that represents the future of digital learning.

This project gives us a chance to apply everything we’ve developed thus far in a completely new way. When Future Edge launches later this year, thousands of Americans will access digital literacy education for the first time using the same cutting-edge approach that we’ve developed for use in Fortune 500 companies. We’ll also release our new digital literacy curriculum on an open microsite, so that anyone across the globe will be able to access it and train. We’re going to help thousands of people close their own skills gaps and lay the groundwork for the skills that modern jobs require.

We look forward to a long collaboration with Future Edge, and to a future of finding new ways to engage people in skills training. Grovo has been solving the digital skills gap since 2010. We couldn’t imagine a better way to reinvigorate our founding mission than this partnership with Capital One.