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Announcing New Lessons on Building Smart Teams

Written by Rae Feshbach

Building a team is a lot like baking. You could have the best ingredients in the world, but if you don’t mix everything correctly and the oven temperature isn’t right, you’ll end up with something mediocre instead of delicious. Luckily, just as chefs can transform ingredients into tasty treats, business leaders can turn any of their teams into smart teams.

The recipe for building smart teams is pretty simple. It’s all about establishing the right norms, creating psychological safety, and promoting healthy conflict and communication. Leaders that can do that end up with teams that are more innovative, creative, motivated, and resilient. The whole team feels more invested in their work, works hard to find solutions to complex problems, and reaches higher to achieve goals.

Grovo’s newest Microlearning® content from producer Brett Simpson is designed to help team leads assess their current team dynamics, set the right norms, and create the environmental conditions necessary for team members to function together optimally. This includes four new topics:

    • The Characteristics of Effective Teams: Learn about the key norms that set successful teams apart from the rest.
    • Prioritize Psychological Safety: Learn the key tactics leaders can use to create conditions where team members feel safe surfacing problems and learning from each others’ mistakes.
    • Address Conflict: Learn the difference between productive and unproductive conflict, how to promote one and reduce the other, and how to determine the difference.
    • Practice Team Building: Learn to assess and foster key communication patterns that are pivotal to team innovation and collaboration.

Taking the time to make sure your teams are dynamic and effective is well worth it. Start building smart teams in your organization right away with one of our new lessons, Assess the Psychological Safety of Your Team.