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Build Effective Teams: Better, Stronger, Faster, Together

Written by Ben Contillo

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In our last curriculum, we explored ways to manage your reports as individuals. Finding and developing outstanding individual performers is a big part of being a manager, but it’s only half the battle. If you can’t bring your all-stars together as a team, productivity, performance and efficiency suffer. In Build Effective Teams, we offer a blueprint for fostering teamwork from the ground up. Topics include recruiting and onboarding, motivation, trust building, efficiency, and productivity. This curriculum will make your team aligned, motivated, and constantly gathering for spontaneous stock photos. For just a sample, in this track you’ll learn how to:

Develop trust in your team

When you think about trust-building exercises, you probably envision a group of adults closing their eyes and slowly trust-falling into each other’s arms. While activities like these may help break the ice, no company has ever trust-fallen their way into the Fortune 500. But every company on that list knows that trust is the glue that binds teams in good times and in bad. And trust can only come from addressing tensions head on. In our lesson “Get Your Team to Trust Each Other,” you’ll find practical advice for creating an environment where trust can grow.


Create a performance-driven culture

As a manager, productivity and efficiency are always on your mind. Inspiring your employees to work hard and work smart can be a full-time job if you’re focused on the wrong motivating factors. Defining your team’s vision is crucial to getting your team on the same page. Creating goals that align with this vision and engage your employees’ individual talents will keep a team motivated. In “Anatomy of an Effective Team Goal” you’ll learn how to set goals that empower your team to work together towards success.

Build a team

Much like in fantasy football, building your team requires thoughtfully reviewing your options, evaluating how a prospect will compliment your existing squad, and knowing how to spot a bust. Unlike fantasy football, building your professional team actually matters. Finding people who are a good fit can be difficult. Combining them with your existing team can be time-consuming and draining if you don’t know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, Build Effective Teams covers how to find the best person for the job and the right person for your team. “Evaluate Your Hiring Process” provides practical advice for finding top candidates and “Elements of an Effective Onboarding Program” teaches ways of seamlessly adding new members to your team.

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