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Boost Learner Engagement: Tie Grovo Into Your In-Person Training Days

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Written by Grovo

Getting—and keeping—your learners engaged with training is no easy feat. Which is why starting off on the right foot could be just what your organization needs in order to achieve the outcomes and behavioral transformation you’re hoping for in the first place. Microlearning, in and of itself, is an excellent way get your learners hooked on learning right from the start. But how?

For many of our customers, like Brixmor Property Group (Brixmor), Grovo is one part of a bigger, blended L&D strategy that also includes in-person training. Brixmor decided to build excitement for their new microlearning training with Grovo by launching the program during their next already-scheduled training day.

“We were really pleased with the engagement demonstrated by our team at the training—hands were up and thoughts and opinions were shared easily.”- Brixmor’s Head of HR


We took notes on how they did it so that you, too, can use their approach to get departments throughout your organization ready to take advantage of new training offerings.

Keep It Short and High Level

Something exciting happens when people are in a room together experiencing something new. In order to build enthusiasm for their upcoming launch of Grovo, Brixmor announced the new program to its accounting team during their scheduled, full-day departmental training.  Since it was already scheduled for the week before launch, it was a great time to set the stage. Plus, the intro to Grovo broke up the day and was a welcome engagement booster.

Training Tip: If you have a full day of training planned, all you’ll need is 30-45 minutes to introduce Grovo, microlearning, and create some buzz.

Build Curiosity Around Content

During the day, Brixmor highlighted a few relevant objectives their team would be assigned, as well as previewed everything else learners could do in Grovo. Their people got inspired seeing the thousands of microlessons available. Like watching a trailer before seeing the movie, this sneak peek prepared the team for what they could expect but also built curiosity around what else they could potentially do, too.

Training Tip: With a library of over 5,000 microlearning videos and more added regularly, take a moment to go on a quick tour of everything that will soon be at your team’s fingertips.

Give Everyone the Opportunity to Discuss

Brixmor picked lessons from a few different topics—like writing great emails and active listening—to watch together. Before watching each lesson as a group, they posed a few questions to think about while watching and used those questions to lead an open sharing and discussion session afterwards. This approach not only boosted engagement, but it also prepared the team to approach each lesson thoughtfully once they began to navigate their new training on their own.

Training Tip: Once introductions are out of the way and you have the group’s full attention, pick a lesson or two to watch together to prompt meaningful discussions and prepare the team to make the most out of their self-led training.

Get Senior Leadership Involved

Lack of buy in from executive leadership can make any new workplace initiative dead on arrival. Brixmor showed their people that they were committed— from the top down— to giving employees a great resource for on-demand learning and development. Their top leaders were involved in the introduction and discussion sessions. These leaders watched videos, participated in discussions and drove engagement right alongside their employees to show that everyone was all in.

Training Tip: Involve senior leaders in the introduction session to prove they’re invested.

Brixmor’s approach to introducing Grovo to their accounting team by incorporating it into their full day of training was really well received.  “We were really pleased with the engagement demonstrated by our team at the training—hands were up and thoughts and opinions were shared easily,” said Brixmor’s head of HR. “It was clear the team was into it. We leveraged their excitement by launching two more lessons the next day.”

Every L&D leader faces the challenge of keeping learners focused, involved and excited throughout a full-day training session. As attention fades, so does the stickiness of the training content. Introducing Grovo as a brand new training tool engaged employees and built enthusiasm. Even if your team is well versed in Grovo, incorporating quick, relevant, microlearning videos as a springboard for discussion promotes meaningful engagement throughout the day. It’s blended learning at its best.

How do you get your team excited about learning? Let us know in the comments below.