Use Blended Learning to Beef Up Your Training

Written by Grovo

Learning new skills is a process. And sometimes, the best results are achieved through blending digital content with in-person learning sessions. Take, for example, the process of training new managers.

Managing people is a nuanced skill that takes lots of practice, especially by those who have never seen it done well. Learning from a support network of others going through it at the same time can make the difference between an employee thriving… and stalling out.

Live training sessions can help reinforce the skills new managers have learned digitally, allowing them to interact with their more experienced colleagues, ask questions, and give feedback that helps admins and supervisors determine what kind of manager training to provide next.

Offering this is easy, with Grovo Events. Here are a few best practices to get you started:

1. Build out your lesson plan

First, start out with your core digital training: provide the fundamental management skills you believe everyone should know using the Grovo platform. Then, identify holes or gaps in the curriculum that would benefit from an in-person training session. Also remember to think micro; long boring lectures will disengage your audience, while role-playing and workshopping can compliment your online curriculum.

2. Space out your Event(s)

Spacing out your lessons while interspersing live events can be your secret weapon to keeping your new managers engaged and on track. For example, simply hosting “checks in” to get learners to discuss what they’re learning can help reinforce concepts.

3. Plan your Event(s)

Plan a date and time for your Event(s), making sure the details are solid. Map out sessions with varying times so everyone can attend in batches. Keeping the group sizes small can lead to more engaging discussions.

4. Add the Event(s) to your Training

With Grovo’s training builder, this is easy—as simple adding a video to a lesson. Now, your new managers will be able to register for the live events on their own, and you’ll have a real-time roster of who’s attending each session.


Easily add live Events to trainings

5. Gather User Information

During the live events, supervisors and more experienced managers will be able to gain a better understanding of which concepts the new managers are struggling with most. This type of feedback loop is absolutely critical. Now each manager can receive follow-up trainings tailored to their needs, instead of a blanket of generic content.

Had the new managers in our example received all the content at once, or never had a chance to meet with each other and their supervisors, they’d likely become overwhelmed and disengaged. Wading through excessive or redundant information can demoralize anyone, while a targeted shot of learning can catapult them to the next level. One of the advantages to having live events strategically sprinkled throughout trainings is to tighten the feedback loop, making every touch point more impactful.

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