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Announcing New Lessons to Help you Promote Your Personal Brand

Build Your Personal Brand
Written by Rae Feshbach

What comes up when you type your name into Google? Is it your LinkedIn followed by something you wrote on a blog recently, or maybe a photo from that pie-eating contest you won? Or are you lost in a sea of people with your same name?

Whether you realize it or not, you’re communicating a lot about yourself to the world around you, both online and in-person. You have a personal brand, formed by the things people see about you online, the experiences they have with you, and the feeling they get when they think of you. And while you may not want or need to build a brand as powerful and complex as icons like McDonalds, Apple, or even Kim Kardashian, it pays to take some time to craft the way you’re representing yourself, so you can purposely show off the skills and value you bring to the table in an authentic way.

You might not be selling a product, but deliberately crafting your personal brand can help you apply your strengths and interests to your work, and make progress toward long-term career opportunities.

Grovo’s latest Microlearning® content from producer Ashley Thomas covers a range of topics geared toward helping you build a personal brand. Featuring contributions from Career Coach and Public Speaker Marie Deveaux, Creative Director and Artist Laura Haas, and National Speaker on Social Media Storytelling Amanda Healy, these new lessons cover topics including:

  • Develop Your Personal Brand Through Authenticity: Learn what your brand is now compared to what you want it to be, and how to close the gap.
  • Establish Your Online Identity: Take control of the media that’s out there about you, and create an intentional online strategy to help you reach your audience.
  • Build Your Brand In the Real World: From networking to sending emails, learn to make your every interaction strengthen your brand and communicate your message to those around you.

Whether you’re established in your career, or trying to build one, taking control of your personal brand can have a huge impact. To start crafting or improving yours, check out one of our new lessons: Recognize Where Your Brand is Now.