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Announcing New Lessons to Prevent Discrimination in Hiring

Written by Rae Feshbach

When it comes to hiring, it seems fair to say that most people don’t want to discriminate. We want to hire fairly because we want the best people for our teams, and because we believe in the value of diversity and inclusion.

But as it turns out, hiring fairly isn’t always so simple. For example, did you know looking at a potential hire’s social media profile can lead to unconscious bias? And there are plenty of other bias-inducing pitfalls in the hiring process, like posing interview questions to some applicants and not others, or allowing salary negotiations to lead to unequal pay.   

Many companies struggle to diversify their workforce. While we may not set out to discriminate against others, bias is complex—and gets in where we least expect it. Without careful attention, it can keep you from hiring the best people for the job, and even get your company into trouble.

Grovo’s latest learning program will help you establish a fair hiring process—from recruitment through to the offer letter—that will both ensure your practices are in compliance with anti-discrimination laws, and enable you to hire the best applicants for the job.

Created by content producer Ashley Thomas, our new Prevent Discrimination in Hiring Microlearning content includes the following topics:

  • Avoiding legal risks and discrimination claims: From navigating national and local laws to working with HR, learn what you can, can’t, and should do to be in compliance.
  • Creating fair practices throughout the hiring process: Learn how to create fair practices for recruitment, screening, interviewing, and issuing job offers.

Preventing discrimination in hiring is a key step to having a diverse and inclusive workplace—and crucial to the success and longevity of the company. Watch one of our new lessons, “Eliminate Discrimination in Recruitment” to start closing the potential for bias in your hiring practices.