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We’re Integrating with ADP to Help HR Drive Enterprise-Grade Learning

ADP and Grovo
Written by Grovo

We’re pleased to announce that Grovo is now available on ADP Marketplace. The Grovo Microlearning® Solution Connector for ADP Workforce Now® delivers seamless data integration between Grovo and the ADP platform without needing any help from IT. With up-to-date user data via ADP Workforce Now, you can easily and automatically trigger personalized Microlearning when someone joins your company, takes on a new role, transfers offices, and more.

The integration with ADP allows clients to deploy enterprise-grade learning within small and midsized businesses, and is a further expansion of our strategy to make Microlearning accessible for companies of all sizes in a way that drives easy integration and adoption. Check out more details in our press release.

“Grovo continues to create opportunities for organizations of all sizes to support and empower employee growth by building more out-of-the-box integrations that connect our Microlearning content and platform with the systems they already use today,” said Steven Carpenter, CEO at Grovo.

Don’t have Grovo yet?

To find out how the Grovo Microlearning® platform fits within your HR system to serve your business, learn more here or reach out to info@grovo.com.

If want to learn more about how to build out your customized HR ecosystem, learn more about ADP Marketplace.

Already a customer of both Grovo and ADP?

If you’re ready to integrate Grovo and ADP Workforce Now, start from the Integrations section under Admin in your Grovo account – you’ll be directed to scoop up the Grovo Microlearning® Solution Connector for ADP Workforce Now, available on ADP Marketplace starting today. Check out our support documentation for step-by-step instructions, and don’t hesitate to email us, support@grovo.com.

Give us feedback!

With the launch of this integration, we’re excited to enable employee productivity and learning, all while giving valuable time back in their day to HR admins. As excited as we are about our integration with ADP, we’d love to hear from you—our current and future learners!

Share your feedback with us on Twitter @Grovo or drop us an email at support@grovo.com. We look forward to hearing from you about our solution available on ADP Marketplace.