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The 6 Objects That Explain Grovo

Written by Grovo

Grovo is a youthful, fast-growing company located in New York City. We empower organizations of all sizes to maximize their potential using digital tools. Our team is energetic and intelligent in everything we do. prides itself on industry-leading customer service and L&D innovation—and on being named the official Best Place to Work in NYC Tech.

Scattered around Grovo HQ on the 30th Floor of 3 Park Avenue are six tokens of the culture and people that make us exceptional. Here are the six objects that explain Grovo and its people.

We are:



Innovative. We’re always looking for new ground to break, so we spend a lot of time nerding out about cognitive science and learning theory. Appropriately, this cardboard cutout of influential training theorist Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick dressed in a Star Trek uniform lives in our office. Nowhere else will you find people as committed to L&D.



Driven. Our goal as a company is to help organizations maximize their performance. That job is made easier by the fact that internally we strive to be excellent every day. There’s no shortcut to massive growth besides having a ferocious team that places hard work at the center of its culture.



Playful. Part of being a hard-charging team is having a playful attitude. Our noses are always to the grindstone in a comfortable, confident way that allows us to always keep our heads even when stressed. There’s nothing like showing a peer that you respect them by throwing a Grovo ball at them. (They’re soft.)



Always improving. It’s not just in our office gym that self-improvement takes place. Grovo constantly re-evaluates our product, our instructional design, and our approach to serving clients. Our goal of delivering the best, most up-to-date learning experience never finishes.



Smart. Grovo has always prided itself on being an organization full of intelligent people. Everyone from our CEO down is interested in the theory and future of digital learning. Because we understand the issues affecting organizational learning, our office shares a deep belief in our product.


People First. We couldn’t work this hard as a company if we didn’t enjoy each other as individuals. Our office is a diverse, tight-knit group of people who hang out together as eagerly as we work together. On Friday nights, Grovo’s office is as full as it is during weekdays. A little louder, though.

Our office is a fun, high-intensity place where people live in fifth gear and look good doing it. It’s how we achieve our amazing growth and turn some of the world’s biggest companies into clients. We are a culture of winning, and with hard work and a team-first attitude, we achieve the impossible.