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5 Reasons Grovo’s New Learner Experience Is a Step Forward for Learning Technology

Written by Grovo

The best technologies help us become better versions of ourselves. Consider these popular apps and how they improve our lives:

  • Nike+ motivates you to stick to your weekly running regimen
  • Venmo makes it easy to pay your friend back more quickly
  • Spotify introduces you to new music that enriches your life

We love technologies like these. They make us feel good. Each time we engage with them, they inch us closer to the people we wish to become.

But what about learning technology?

Unfortunately, much corporate learning technology falls short of this aspiration. Time and again we hear from training managers and other L&D folks fed up with antiquated platforms that are stuffy, unsightly, hard to navigate, and just plain out-of-touch with what today’s learners need and expect.

“We can’t inspire people to learn with uninspiring tools,” they say, in effect. And we agree.

Solving this problem is what drives us at Grovo.

In this fast-moving day and age, we believe learning is too important to settle for dull, clunky, ineffective learning tools and content.

Instead, let’s give people short, engaging micro content that gets people the know-how they need, right when they need it in a fresh and memorable way.

And while we’re at it, let’s deliver that content via a digital learning experience that’s as beautiful, personalized, and intuitive as the apps and sites we all love. 

Learning with Grovo looks good, feels good, and gets results.


It’s in that spirit that we designed the all-new learner experience that drives the latest release of our microlearning platformpictured above.

Here are five ways it will make learning and training easier, more inspiring, and more helpful for your workforce.  

1. Continuously personalized for each learner

Every learner is different, and the new Grovo reflects that. Rather that a static homepage, the new learner home is a flexible system of independent components—one for incomplete assignments, one for featured lessons, and so on—that combine and re-combine every time a learner logs in, so they always see what’s most important for them to learn next.

2. Always clean and clutter-free design

Given the learner home’s flexible structure, it would be easy for it to feel chaotic. But we went through many different iterations to ensure it’s always harmonious. No matter how the homepage adapts to you, it promises the same: an experience that is beautiful, relevant, and intuitive.

3. Less distraction, more focus

When it comes to the lesson player itself, our goal was to design a product that vanished into the background—and provided an undistracted experience between the learner and content.

To achieve that, we made the new lesson player full-screen and completely immersive. Next, we made the chrome minimal: a subtle progress bar and translucent buttons. And that’s it! (Okay, not really. There are little tricks hidden everywhere. Two of my favorites? Keyboard shortcuts and a clickable progress bar).

4. Continuous learning via content recommendations

When a learner completes a lesson, they are presented with a success card, which offers a few lessons to view next. Like the learner home, this adapts to the learner, presenting lessons best suited to that specific person, whether it’s a lesson due soon or an interesting, related lesson.

5. A fully optimized mobile experience

Finally, in the spirit of a frictionless learning experience, the new Grovo is fully mobile optimized. We don’t just shrink down the content to fit on a phone (Ew!). Rather, the content is automatically reformatted to ensure the best experience possible on a phone—whether it’s landscape or portrait, big or small, iOS or Android.

Learning should feel good. The rest follows from there.

One of the most powerful ways L&D can drive business impact is to make learning feel good . Doing so via technology—where most of our learners spend their time anyway—is a great place to start. That’s how we’ll engage learners. That’s how we’ll affect on-the-job behavior. That’s how we’ll be able to deliver on the ultimate promise of learning and development, which is to help people become better versions of themselves.

Want to learn more about the new Grovo? Check out a sweet new video and get more details here.