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12 Reasons Why Grovo is #2 on Fortune’s Great Places to Work List

Written by Grovo

We here at Grovo are incredibly proud to be listed as #2 on Fortune’s Top 100 US Great Places to Work list among medium-sized workplaces. Fortune’s ranking, which is based on 52,000 surveys compiled and graded by their partner Great Places to Work, offers insight about what truly makes a workplace stand out above the rest.

To us, this is a big deal.

It’s no secret that we’ve been on a mission to craft the world’s best workplace, and our people-centric culture and standard of performance are at the center of everything we do. 

Benefits and perks like ping pong and iced coffee on tap are great, but as we always say, the people make the place. So what makes Grovo Sapiens look forward to Mondays? Here are 12 reasons we think Grovo is the #2 best place to work in the country, in our own words.

Transparency from the top down

“Regular, all-company meetingslike quarterly planning and kitchen syncsget me really excited for every quarter and solidify why I’m here and why I work so hard. Yes, of course transparency is appreciated, but it’s always exciting transparency.”- Caroline Melly, Mid Market Account Executive

Jeff Fernandez

Our CEO, Jeff Fernandez, keeping spirits high at one of our weekly kitchen sync meetings.

An all hands on deck attitude

“Autonomy and involvement in the strategic direction of the company sets Grovo apart. Our insistence on collaboration and broad-based input is something I never encountered at previous companies.”- Ryan Kamp, Customer Success Manager

A judgement-free zone

“You are empowered to make decisions in your area of expertise. You need to get up, communicate them, and make them every day.”- Maksim Ovsyannikov, VP of Product

Consistent growth and the desire to be better

“If something’s not working, we fix it. It doesn’t matter how we’re doing something, we know we can always do better.”- Dan Lowrey, Principal Architect

Health and wellness take a front seat

“Grovo’s investment in the health and wellness of our employees is unparalleled for a mid-sized company. I don’t know of a company our size that has a full time health director operating a fitness facility that offers a range of classes based around employees goals and needs.”- Zach Deckelbaum, Director of Health and Fitness


Zach Deckelbaum, our Director of Health and Fitness, leads a group of Grovo Sapiens in our in-house gym

A culture of recognition

“We celebrate the small wins just as much as the big ones.”- Mark Parascandola, Manager, Sales Development


“We get to do all the fun things you get to do in Silicon Valley: innovate and compete and try to build something people love to use. But at the same time, the mission is deeply human. Helping people learn and grow at the same timeit’s a really exciting space.”- Alex Khurgin, Director of Learning and Innovation

The energy is contagious

The energy sets Grovo apart from other places I’ve worked. It stems down from leadership, but every person who works here contributes to it— there is a tangible feeling when you walk into the doors of Grovo.”- Olivia Henkel, Sr. Sales Manager

Degree of responsibility

“All you have to say is I want to do this, prove yourself, and you own it. Anybody who proves themselves that’s all you need to move up and there’s no ceiling from there.”- Laura Hart, Events and Experiences Specialist

Everyone is engaged


Dave Kowarsky getting a laugh in the content studio

“The main thing is that there’s never anybody on my team that’s unengaged or uninterested in what we are doing. In a typical job, there is always a base level of apathy or just waiting for the weekend. Here, people are always approaching every problem with real thoughtfulness. People are just trying to do their best work all the time.”- Brittany Jordan, Instructional Designer

The people, the people, the people

“It is really fun to work here. As much as we love to succeed because we are motivated individuals and we do want to see the business do well, we also enjoy each other’s company and get along pretty well. It makes it easier to work in an environment where everyone is supportive, everyone is respectful, and everyone is nice.”- Michael Roman, Mid Market Account Executive

OK. The snacks don’t hurt either

“I’m here for the cheese.”- Jonny Raggett, Director of Business Operations

Congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

The people make the place, and we’re always looking for more. Apply today to join our team.