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An 11-Step Guide to Prepare for GDPR

11 Ways to Prepare for GDPR
Written by Tina Nguyen

May 25th is exactly one month away. For some, this date marks the start of a long weekend in the United States, while for others it’s the release of the next installment in the Star Wars film franchise.

But for many organizations, May 25th marks the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline.

The implementation of GDPR signals the first significant change in how organizations handle data protection and compliance for residents of the European Union (EU). On May 25th, GDPR will replace the existing EU Data Protection Directive to provide EU citizens with a more comprehensive data protection law.

Does GDPR Apply to My Organization?

GDPR compliance applies to all organizations that process or maintain the personal data of any EU resident, regardless of the organization’s location. So, if your organization is based in the United States, but has users in the EU, GDPR impacts your organization.

GDPR places a higher emphasis on the documentation that organizations must keep to demonstrate their data accountability for their users. With that, some parts of the GDPR will have a higher impact on your organization than others.

While GDPR compliance may seem daunting, and there are 99 articles and 173 recitals to read through, GDPR doesn’t offer technical requirements for organizations. Meaning, organizations are responsible for establishing and adhering to the regulation.

If your organization hasn’t already prepared for GDPR, it’s essential to get started before the deadline. It’s useful to determine which parts of GDPR will have the most impact on your business and resources, and get your stakeholders aligned in the process.

What’s Next?

Next month, we’ll roll out more in-depth and new lessons on GDPR. Until then, we’ve prepared a guide to help ease the process in preparing for the May 25th deadline. Get your 11-step Guide to Prepare for GDPR.