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Grovo Helps Magellan Reach New Levels of L&D Success

Written by Grovo

At Magellan Health, offering employees a great place to work is not only a focus—it’s a top priority. The talent management team prides itself on providing career development opportunities to its 6,900 employees. Yet the company’s former internal professional development resource was clunky and slow—a throwback learning solution that didn’t match up with the company’s public commitment to creativity and innovation. Only 80 people logged in to complete their online training in 2015—dismal returns on what was supposed to be a great company learning perk.

So last year, Magellan sought fresh, 21st century training content to launch along with a new LMS. Grovo’s integration capabilities along with our microlearning lessons, designed for short attention spans and on-the-go consumption, exactly fit the health company’s bill.

Suddenly, everyone from call center employees to upper management could complete various training modules in just a few minutes, introducing or enhancing the skills they need to be most effective at their jobs.

“Grovo has allowed us to jump from older, slower, less engaging and static learning resources to a robust library of evolving, ‘just-in-time’ and well-aligned opportunities for employees at every level,” says Danielle White, Director of Leadership and Professional Development at Magellan. She’s helped develop learning programs using a combination of Magellan resources and Grovo’s own library of videos and quizzes.

And it’s working: in less than six months, an average of 300 employees viewed nearly 2,000 lessons every month. From a former 1% engagement rate, this renewed interest in learning and development and bump in participation is thrilling the company’s management team.

“We’re always trying to find new, different and better ways of approaching professional and leadership development and Grovo is right there with us,” Says Tracie Chapple, Vice President of Enterprise Learning.