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Unconscious Bias is Bad for Business: Squash it With New Content From Grovo

Written by Kate Braner

Today, we launched a brand new, 20-lesson series on unconscious bias for our Grovo customers—the latest addition to our ever-growing content library.

With the release of Firstround’s Report on unconscious bias, it’s recently become a hot topic in the industry. While there are some other trainings and reports out there, we wanted to frame our training a little differently—not only giving your learners a way to understand unconscious bias, but a way to do something about it. Every lesson, therefore, contains actionable steps that can be applied to real-life situations.

Why do we need unconscious bias training?

Unconscious bias is hidden thoughts and assumptions that can sway our decisions and behaviors without our knowledge. So by admitting unconscious bias is a challenge, a company is able to slow down and think logically about the choices they make. The result? Increased diversity and creativity, improved culture and morale, and better employee retention.

Why is unconscious bias training good for business?

We all strive to create workplaces that bring together a diverse mix of people, skills, and ideas, and when done successfully, there are big business wins too. To take one example, companies with gender-diverse boards outperformed their non-diverse counterparts by 26% on key financial metrics, according to research published by Credit Suisse.  

But if you ignore it, you could suffer the consequences. Workplace discrimination costs business $64 billion annually in turnover and clouds your employees’ understanding of your customers.

What you can find

When we set out to create the series, we wanted to be sure that the learner would come out with an understanding of what unconscious bias is, how it affects them, and how to live and work consciously moving forward.

So, we conducted research, read up on the topic and consulted with several industry experts including:

  • Holly Brittingham, SVP, Global Talent & Org Development at FCB Global
  • Corey Flournoy, VP, Associate Director, Global Talent Development at FCB Global
  • Ernie Aguilar, Consultant and Career Expert on Bias, Diversity and Culture

The result was series of 20 fresh microlessons, just for you. Some of our favorite videos are:

  • Why Is It Hard to Talk About Bias?
  • The Science of Bias
  • Impact of Bias on Decision Making
  • What Does It Take to Change Our Actions?
  • How Do I Keep Bias from Influencing My Work?
  • Taking the Next Step

We’re really excited to get this in your hands and can’t wait to hear what you think. Take a sneak peek below and if you’re interested in training your people to live consciously, get in touch with our sales team.

Learn even more about unconscious bias and get in touch with our sales team