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New on Grovo: How to use Craigslist Search

This week we’ve got a brand new addition to our Craigslist course: Craigslist Search. Craigslist search gets you classifieds faster and more efficiently than any other platform, and it’s been doing it since 1995. Need a new bike? Check the classifieds. Need to sell your bike? Post to the classifieds. Craigslist Search: The stalwart in online

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Introducing Grovo’s History of the Internet

Here at Grovo, we’re excited to announce the release of The History of the Internet through our Facebook page. Thanks to Facebook’s Timeline feature, we were able to add milestone stories to our page’s history, documenting over a hundred events that, to us, represent the Internet’s history. From the first known usage of the @

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3 Ways to Quantify & Visualize the Internet

It is a digital world now. The Internet is everywhere, and Internet products have become engrained in our daily lives. And, as creatures of quantity and measure and material fabrication, humans are not satisfied with pouring tremendous amounts of data into an unmeasurable digital ether. Therefore, we have developed a host of ways to quantify

Ultimate Guide/Cheatsheet

SEOmoz Cheatsheet

SEO week at Grovo comes with a bunch of special treats. From Jumpstarting SEO and a sneak peek of our new premium content, including a massive new library of SEO conceptual and SEOmoz courses, we hope you’re enjoying the new goods. For today’s feature, Grovo Labs has cooked up a whole new kind of educational resource:

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Jumpstart SEO

It’s finally here: SEO Week on Grovo. What’s SEO Week, you ask? Well, we’ve been busy cooking up a delicious brew of animated SEO conceptual lessons, SEOmoz video tutorials, interactive SEO quizzes and more, just for you. So we decided to have an entire week dedicated to rolling out our new SEO videos. And we


Optimizing Your Website for Pinterest

In the early days of social media tools hesitant brands often asked two questions of those tools: why should my brand use them, and, if the conversation went that far, how can my brand use them? These days, both social media tools and search engines have made those questions seem outdated. Both social and search have combined


Twitter for the iPhone

There was a time when your house phone was all you had. Friends would call your folk’s house on Friday night after school, and if you were home you took the call and went out for social merriment. If you missed this phone call, well, there was always Saturday night. Then mobile phones happened. You were

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Email Etiquette

After years of using electronic mail, or “email” for you techies out there, we’ve developed a rubric for its effective use as a form of online communication. The first thing you’ll want to do is clean yourself up, put on your finest suit and sit at your desk with terrific posture… In all sincerity, crafting

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Impact of Electronic Information Technology: Predicted

“A report commissioned by the National Science Foundation and made public today speculates that by the end of this century electronic information technology will have transformed American home, business, manufacturing, school family and political life.” This is the introduction to a New York Times article published on June 14, 1982. “The study was made by

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Freedom of Internet Connection

Having just celebrated the 4th of July, I wondered what freedom really meant to people. What immediately came to mind was the freedom to create, love, grow, learn, work, travel: the freedom to be. And, of course, you have the freedom of the Internet; the liberty to work, shop, play and share information with almost

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Domain Name Evolution

The Internet’s evolving. For those of you that don’t know, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Notes and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved a plan to expand upon generic top-level domains (gTLDs), which consists of .com, .info, .net and .org domains. The floors are open to change the Internet’s naming system, according to Rod Beckstrom, President and

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What is the Geosocial Universe Doing?

How big are today’s biggest online social utilities? How many hundreds of millions of people are using Facebook, and how does that compare to its competitors? How many of these online social networking masses are accessing these sites via mobile devices? How would all these figures look if they were arranged like planets? Jesse Thomas

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The Internet Wishlist

Surely you can’t find the solution to your every problem on today’s Web. You must have ideas; you probably have a notebook full of ideas that can flourish on the Internet or mobile devices. Were you able to wish for any fantastical app or website in the world, what would it be? Enter: The Internet Wishlist–a

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Understanding the Search Engine Results Page

The search engine is the cornerstone of Internet browsing. Google specifically has come a long way as far as intuitively finding the answers you need and has many neat features you may not know about, such as filters and keyboard shortcuts. Google can even solve your math problems; go ahead, type a numerical inquiry into

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Opt Out of Online Tracking

In December the Federal Trade Commission issued a report advocating that Internet users be given more options to opt out of online tracking. What is online tracking? Many of today’s most visited websites, and empowered third-party tracking companies and data brokers, gather information about users’ online behavior to sell to advertisers. Advertisers can then reach