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How Many Apps Have Permission to Your Private Information?

Identity theft these days lies in wait, mouth-breathing, not at the seams of your wallet, but at the log-in pages of every major product comprising the infrastructure of your online identity. How many online accounts of yours would someone be able to hack with access to, say, your Gmail account? Palms sweating? They should be.


Gmail Advanced Search is Awesome!

As we wrote in our handy Gmail Search lesson below, Gmail is a product of Google, and Google’s roots are as a search engine. Gmail’s search function is terrifically robust and multi-faceted. Email has become such a cornerstone of the Internet that oftentimes it manifests itself as part of my thought process when I’m trying


3 Steps to Wasting Less Time on Email

Find yourself sending the same email, or the same reply, 20 or more times a week, or maybe even every day? At 5 to 10 minutes or so apiece, each one may not seem like much of a burden, but over the course of your life, those emails really add up.  If you use Gmail,


6 Steps to Secure Your Privacy on Google

It was abundantly apparent when sites such as Wikipedia, WordPress, Google, Mozilla, Wired, Reddit and others all conformed in protest of SOPA, just how much of the Internet’s infrastructure is reliant on certain key products. Tomorrow, March 1st, Google’s new privacy policy will go into effect. And given how integral they are in the average

Ultimate Guide/Cheatsheet

Ultimate Guide to Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’ve come this far, then consider yourself a consistent Gmail user. Gmail is an outstanding email client. Threaded conversations, a powerful search tool, filing, labels, and other management features — not to mention Gchat — make Gmail something of a standard for email today. Why are keyboard shortcuts important? Everyone can use a mouse


5 Awesome Features to Get the Most Out of Gmail

There is a whole lot more to Gmail than just sending and receiving email, and many features go underutilized, a tip that the 250 million people using the service should take note of. Please, allow us to share with you some of the magic that is Gmail:


Preview the New Gmail Interface

As part of the Google redesign, Gmail is getting a new interface. In order to preview the new Gmail interface, select the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail account. Then choose Mail Settings and the Themes tab all the way to the right. Look to the bottom of the themes

Internet Trends

New Grovo Lessons on Managing Your Online Reputation and Rapportive

I’m excited to present two new suites of lessons that both deal with a topic of increasing importance surrounding Internet use these days: your online footprint. These days your online presence is not just isolated to one social media account; it is instead spread across your email use, your social and professional networks, blogs you

Internet Trends

Browsers, HTML5 and Your Ticket to the Internet

These days, Web browsers are constantly being updated. Each iteration introduces new features and improved performance. One of the main features that browsers are focusing on is HTML5 compatibility. HTML5 is the latest standard for the language that is used to create websites. It allows developers to create sites that are interactive and act more


Gmail Multiple Sign in

If your workplace uses Google Apps, you may have logged in at the beginning of June and been greeted by an update that looked something like this: There are some privacy and legal notes in there, but the big news is that your Google Apps account functions much more like a regular Google account now,

Internet Trends

What is the Geosocial Universe Doing?

How big are today’s biggest online social utilities? How many hundreds of millions of people are using Facebook, and how does that compare to its competitors? How many of these online social networking masses are accessing these sites via mobile devices? How would all these figures look if they were arranged like planets? Jesse Thomas


Customize Your Gmail Account

Frequent Gmail users: do you know how to customize your Gmail account? Hit the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, then Mail Settings and Themes: For more on further customizing your theme and access to your Gmail account, watch the Grovo lesson on Themes and Account Settings.


Create Multiple Twitter Accounts Under One Gmail Address

We’ve all got side projects, and some of them, sure enough, require social media tools, like Twitter. The popular microblogging platform, however, permits only one account per email address. So, you’ve got your personal Twitter account, but how do you add other Twitter accounts without creating multiple email addresses solely for that purpose? Gmail offers


Import Your Contacts and Old Messages to Gmail

I recently found myself quietly pitching Gmail to a friend who’d tired of the handful of email clients he’d relied upon since he began using the Internet. His biggest concern, understandably, was importing all his contacts and old messages. It turns out Gmail makes this process easy, supporting a number of email providers, such as Microsoft, AOL,