According to digital analytics service, StatCounter, and Mashable, Google Chrome is trending up, and Internet Explorer is trending down. Check out the graph:

Now, we can’t be certain why Chrome’s gaining in popularity, but if we had to guess, it might be because of its…


Speed is a tremendous component of Internet use. How long will the average person wait for any given web page to load? Not long. One of Google Chrome’s primary attributes is its speed for start-up time, page-loading, and web applications. Here’s comprehensive technical coverage on just What Makes Google Chrome Fast (re The Chromium Blog).


One feature that greatly reduces clutter for Chrome is its address bar that doubles as a search field, cleverly titled the “ombnibox.” Head directly to a website via its URL, or perform a search as in a search engine. Also, here’s some address bar shortcuts for Mac below; click here for those same shortcuts in Windows.

File Downloader

Downloaded files in Chrome appear in the footer of the browser for quick access, as oppose to other browsers where you’ll have to find a separate window of downloads. Downloads can be dragged directly from the browser’s footer to, say, a new email being composed in Gmail, as shown below.

Minimalist Design

In designing Chrome, Google put great emphasis on the browser window itself — the focal  point of a browser: to access the Internet. As such, one of Chrome’s greatest assets is its minimalist, unobtrusive design: a welcome departure from browsers of old, depicted below.

Incognito Window

Brilliant for simultaneously signing into multiple accounts on the same site, and visiting sites that contain sensitive information in a public space, like an Internet cafe, Chrome’s Incognito Window never gets old.

Task Manager

Accessed via “Tools,” the Task Manager is much like the Windows Task Manager you may remember from feverishly pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete as your old Windows desktop slowed to a screeching halt. It monitors memory, CP usage and more for every tab or extension currently being run.

Dynamic Tabs & Windows

Dragging tabs, either within the same browser window, or extracting them to their own browser window, doesn’t happen anywhere else like it happens in Google Chrome. Here are tab and window keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Tab Pinning

Right-click a browsing tab and select “Pin Tab” to minimize a tab and move it to the left of your browser window for less cluttered browsing.