Earlier this week we posted two pieces on the need for brands to properly engage Pinterest. The reasons are indeed many. Unfortunately, the ebb and flow of social media can be tough for consumers to grasp, let alone for businesses trying to capitalize on social media virality. You’ve got a handful of markedly different social media products, all of which require their own content. Well, here’s a way to capture Facebook traffic with the same visually addictive content you post to Pinterest.

Adding Pinterest to your brand’s Facebook Page used be convoluted. Fortunately, a company called Woobox has recently released an app that pulls your Pinterest boards directly onto your Facebook Page.

Beginning from Woobox’s Pinterest tab page, hit “Install Pinterest Tab,” then select the Facebook Page you wish to add the Pinterest Page App to.

Afterwards, hit the now-featured Pinterest tab on your Facebook page, and enter in your Pinterest username. Woobox also allows some neat features here such as displaying the Facebook Like & Send buttons on individual Pins.

Fans can click into boards, then into pins on Pinterest. Give it a try, and happy pinning!

Be sure to watch our video tutorials to learn how to use Pinterest and how to use Facebook Pages.