If you spend enough time searching for music on the web, you find that MySpace still has a place.

Though MySpace’s site traffic has steadily declined for years now, it is still a recognizable name, and still garners considerable traffic by many standards: about 20 million unique monthly visitors according to Compete.com. Therefore, getting your band’s music set up on MySpace can be a quick solution to promoting music on the web, and substantiating your online presence. The platform is free and highly customizable, and often features enough of a stream of artists running through it for you to stumble upon something you dig. I am confident you can completely set up your band’s MySpace page in a reasonably short amount of time…particularly if you watch Grovo’s handy educational videos.

  1. What is MySpace Music?
  2. Create an Account
  3. Design a Profile
  4. Customize the Structure of a Profile
  5. Upload Music
  6. Create an Event