Facebook Search is getting an overhaul: Today at 1pm EST Facebook announced a new search tool called Facebook Graph Search, which will allow users to find their friends who share common interests or experiences.

So what’s really different about Facebook Graph search?

Introducing Facebook Graph Search

Whereas Google ranks search results based on the relevance of a webpage to keywords, Graph Search takes all of the information in Facebook’s Social Graph, or all of the data such as likes, location, and interests, then allows you to combine them in different ways to answer your question.

Let’s see an example. Say you’re on vacation in London; wouldn’t it be nice to find out who you know who lives there and if you could crash with them? Just do a quick search for friends who live in London.

Or, how about planning a Golden Globe’s viewing party? Wouldn’t it be nice to know who is really interested, then invite them?

The idea behind Facebook Graph Search is to allow users to truly find what they are looking for. Facebook will roll this out to everyone in the near future. Thanks to Grovo, you can learn how get Facebook Graph Search today here [VIDEO] .

Also, here’s a quick list of great and not-so-great things:

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