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Using Trust, Relationships, and Creativity to Fuel Innovative Learning—with Shaina Shiwarski

Congratulations, Shaina!

Congratulations, Shaina! 


Here at Grovo, our Client Services team is passionate about helping our clients build cutting edge learning programs for their people. One member of this forward-thinking team is Shaina Shiwarski, an Enterprise Account Manager who works with several global brands including The Ritz-Carlton, DDB Worldwide, 24Seven, QuickBase, and Dataminr.

Shaina was recently named a finalist for the Best Woman in Software Sales award at the Women in Sales Awards North America, a black tie event in Chicago that acknowledges progressive women in sales.

We sat down with Shaina to discuss her personal approach to serving clients, and uncover how she helps organizations all over the world develop fresh and innovative approaches to training and development.

Treat every client as your most important one.

Treat every client as your most important one.

Develop strong relationships with clients

To bring a fresh and impact-oriented approach to learning at an organization, it’s essential to acquire extensive knowledge of their business priorities, workplace environment, and goals for training. It requires strong working relationships between Grovo and our clients’ L&D teams.

That’s why Shaina always thinks of her clients as people, not just names. “We understand their department, so we almost become this therapist for them in terms of what’s working, what’s not, and what’s crazy,” she says.

Beyond being empathetic, genuine, and honest with her clients, Shaina acts as a trusted advisor and consultant. This means actively diagnosing problems within a company’s L&D department and generating creative solutions.

“People come to Grovo because they’re thinking of a new idea; they’re being innovative in their space, both within their company and when they are looking for something new,” she says, “It’s really cool and collaborative to go back and forth with them and figure out how we can work together to get the best results.”


Trust is a crucial element in a business relationship.

Trust is a crucial element in a business relationship.

Build a foundation of trust

A company’s learning function is a crucial element of the business’s success—especially in these changing times. From day one, an L&D department is responsible for how employees are onboarded, trained, and developed. It’s also responsible for making sure employees and businesses are compliant.

Because the learning function deals with such business-critical matters, creating trust between herself and clients is extremely central to the work Shaina does. “The first three or four meetings with them are all about building trust,” she says. “We go to dinner, discuss what’s going on, and let them understand that we’re a sounding board. We’re not in their company but we’re part of their business.”

Once a solid foundation of trust is created with our Client Services team, clients are confident that Grovo is invested in their success. The stage is then set for Shaina and her clients to come up with bolder and more innovative approaches to solving learning problems together.


Deliver the highest quality of work through collaboration.

Deliver the highest quality of work through collaboration.

Take a creative approach to strategy 

The way people and companies learn these days is changing dramatically. Old training techniques no longer solve new problems presented by the 21st century world of work. Shaina gets strong results for her clients by being open to experimentation and taking bold, fresh approaches to training and development.

“I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for them. I think out of the box to give them solutions to their problems.”

Not only does this willingness to venture into uncharted waters help clients meet their key performance indicators, but it’s also good for business overall.

“It’s important to strategize creatively, because they think of us as innovators,” says Shaina.


The future of learning is in good hands

Yeah, I get by with a little help from my Account Manager.

Yeah, I get by with a little help from my Account Manager.

All in all, Shaina lives into Grovo’s philosophy about client service: we’re on the same team as our partners. She works tirelessly to help clients meet their goals and develop winning learning programs that not only drive business but enrich the lives and careers of the learners themselves.

We’re proud of you Shaina! On behalf of everybody at Grovo and the many clients you serve, thanks for all the phenomenal work.

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