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This Cartoon Offers a Simple Way to Understand How Unconscious Bias Starts

Written by Julie Gora

Think you’re immune to the effects of unconscious bias? This simple cartoon may help you think otherwise. Toby Morris, an illustrator from Auckland, NZ, created this comic strip that brings to light exactly how our circumstances and opportunities from an early age cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of our lives. Give it a look—it’s pretty eye-opening.



What’s clear is this: unconscious bias manifests itself in a variety of ways. Forces that are out of our control cause us to make unconscious—and often unfair—assumptions about others and ourselves that affect our decision-making. It’s the way the brain works, but it’s not a lost cause. Understand that and you’re well on your way to addressing and overcoming your biases and living more consciously.

This cartoon originally appeared on The Wireless.

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