Nowadays, people are so dependent on technology that it becomes a major problem when it doesn’t work. Especially when that technology is the Internet.

With all the cloud services we use, things can become tense when you don’t have Internet access. If you need access to a document, spreadsheet, or presentation while you’re on an airplane or the subway, you’re out of luck. If a bad storm knocks out power in your neighborhood, you’re in the dark. And if your phone has a bad data connection with no Wi-Fi in range, you’re out of touch.

By then though, it’s already too late.

Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to ensure that you’ll still be productive next time the Internet goes out. Here’s how you could use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Prezi, or Evernote even if you’re stranded on a desert island with nothing but your phone and a painted volleyball for company. Just make sure you do these before you lose access to the Internet:

1. Gmail: Use Gmail Without Internet Access

2. Google Calendar: Check your Appointments at 20,000 Feet

3. Google Drive: View and Edit Your Google Drive Off the Grid

4. Google Drive: Take a Spreadsheet with you Offline

5. Google Drive: Save a File for Anytime Access

6. Prezi: How Do I Present My Prezi Offline?

7. Evernote: How Do I Take My Notes Offline?