Saying Happy Father’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes it’s fun if it is. We took all of the stuff dads love–from gadgets to golf balls–mixed in a few dads, and put them all into a Rube Goldberg machine.

Here are the steps we took to say Happy Father’s Day:

1. Lift up a coffee mug
2. That topples a row of dominos
3. They’ll knock over some vinyl records. Perhaps Aerosmith?
4. Those hit a caulk gun down a keyboard
5. Which pushes a basketball
6. The basketball knocks into BBQ tongs
7. The tongs are tied to an ethernet cable, which pulls on a bottle of Tabasco sauce
8. The bottle pushes a marble down a track
9. The marble knocks into a power strip switch, turning on music and a model train set
10. The train knocks into a golf ball, pushing it into a putt returner
11. The putt returner launches the ball out the window
12. Golfer Dad is there to knock the golf ball across the city
13. The ball crashes through Sleepy Dad’s window
14. He wakes up and stumbles to the kitchen, where he drinks milk
15. It’s spoiled! His sleepy butt throws the milk out the window!
16. The carton falls onto the grass below where it gets stuck in Mowing Dad’s lawnmower
17. It catches fire!
18. The fire spreads down the lawn, lighting Cigar Dad’s cigar
19. He takes a big puff and exhales up to the sky
20. The smoke wafts into the bathroom of Shaving Dad, who coughs and cuts himself as a result
21. There’s no toilet paper! Shaving Dad posts on his son’s timeline asking for help
22. The timeline post sets off an alert on an iPhone
23. The vibrating phone pushes a marble down the table, which rolls into dominoes
24. The dominoes knock down a deck of cards, DVD case, and a table tennis racket, into more rows of dominoes, sliding and knocking into more dominoes until they finally hit a structure of playing cards
25. The playing cards push a marble down a chess board
26. The marble hits more dominoes, which hit another deck of cards and a DVD case
27. The DVD case rolls a film reel off the table
28. The reel releases a tie that was holding back a pocket watch attached to a toilet plunger
29. The pocket watch spins down and hits a roll of toilet paper
30. The toilet paper rolls out, spelling a glorious Happy Father’s Day!

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