This week we’re releasing a great group of new video tutorials on products designed to make your online life easier.

With TweetDeck, you can manage your social media account from one interface, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between windows. You can even create columns that filter the stuff you don’t want out. Mint is your personal finance sidekick. Check it out, and be prepared to get an eye-opening look at your money spending. But don’t worry, they’ll tell you how you can make it better! Then there’s Facebook for iPhone, which just got a big update that made browsing the largest social network on the go much, much faster. Last but not least, we’ve got more lessons on SurveyMonkey, a product that manages online surveys. With our newest course, you’ll learn how to analyze the data you get back in survey results.



TweetDeck is a social media hub, and we’ve got the video tutorials on it! TweetDeck brings the information from your Facebook and Twitter accounts into one place, displaying your friends’ posts, mentions of you, messages, and pretty much anything else you can imagine into easy-to-read columns. Did I mention you can send messages, too? Check it out:




If you’ve ever had problems with personal finance, Mint might be the best thing since sliced bread. But even if you’ve never had problems with personal finance, Mint is an amazing tool. It takes all of the information from your bank accounts and credit cards, helps you build a budget, set goals and analyze where you spend money to help you be smarter with money.


grovo_online_training_facebook_iphoneFacebook iPhone

An update to the iPhone app! What does that mean? It means faster everything when you’re using Facebook on your phone. Facebook did a great job with the new version of the Facebook iPhone app, and we’ve got the video tutorials to show you what’s changed and how you can use it.




The lastest SurveyMonkey videos are out! The first round of videos covered everything you need to know about creating surveys and collecting results. This time, learn how to analyze the results of a survey with SurveyMonkey.