There’s been constant unrest and change in online music pretty much since we saw the widespread adoption of P2P sharing sites like Napster. As of late we’ve seen a major crackdown on sites providing music illegally, beginning with the FBI’s shutdown and seizure of Megaupload, its employees and assets, and the thinning of illegal content on sites like Mediafire and torrent file sharing networks. We’ve also seen a substantially positive reaction to Creative Commons licensing, an alternative to the standard “all rights reserved” intellectual property rights that’s designed to share published work for more exposure and to build upon. (Coincidentally, Creative Commons just published a draft of  their latest Version 4.0 for public feedback.)

So, where do you publish and sell your music online these days?

We’ve just published several video tutorial courses on Bandcamp. Bandcamp’s carved out a niche for itself by pioneering the “pay what you want” business model, whereby fans can choose to tip artists for their music. How can this work, you ask. Head to to see the company’s heartening factoids:

Fans can listen to an album, with full track-by-track listings, all the way through. Artists can then list the album for free or download at no minimum price–allowing room for a fan to voluntarily tip the artist.

Once you’ve uploaded your album, choose the album’s download settings, which includes requiring an email address from a fan if you’re giving the album away for free.

Watch our latest release to learn how to use Bandcamp to batch your music into albums for download, set up pre-order, offer physical merch, set up payments, offer download credits, and more!