There has and will continue to be some interesting news coverage published today concerning Twitter’s 6th birthday. It’s short-form microblogging platform has had a tremendous impact on modern civilization. From playing a crucial role in revolutions to political campaigns, Twitter has become the preferred method of communication for celebrities and enabled citizen journalism in a big way. And we are certainly among the tweeting masses:

For Twitter’s birthday, we decided to aggregate some of our educational coverage. Enjoy!

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorial coverage of Twitter covers 9 courses and over 60 video tutorials regarding:

Ultimate Guide to Twitter Customization

Ultimate guides are a wonderful thing because once you find a good one, you won’t ever have to go anywhere else for info on the topic they cover. Ours is on Twitter customization, and it is exhaustive: Ultimate Guide to Twitter Customization

Twitter Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Very few people know about Twitter’s keyboard shortcuts–designed so that you can navigate and tweet your heart’s desire without ever touching a mouse.

The 1st Ever Hashtag 

According to ReadWriteWeb and designer and open Web advocate Chriss Messina, the fist ever hashtag was #barcamp, published on August 23, 2007

Primer on the Awesome Twitter Search

Thanks for everything, Twitter. Happy 6th!