We’ve all got side projects, and some of them, sure enough, require social media tools, like Twitter. The popular microblogging platform, however, permits only one account per email address. So, you’ve got your personal Twitter account, but how do you add other Twitter accounts without creating multiple email addresses solely for that purpose?

Gmail offers two quick solutions. The first is by way of period placement. If the original Gmail address you created is John.Smith@gmail.com, you automatically have several other email addresses with varying period placement. For example, all of the following will be forwarded to John.Smith@gmail.com: JohnSmith, J.ohnSmith, Jo.hnSmith, Joh.nSmith and so on. When creating a new account on Twitter you can register any of these email addresses, and all communications will reach your original Gmail account. Go ahead and test it out by sending yourself a test email to one of these “new” addresses.

The second way to create a forwarding email address in Gmail is through filters. Click the gear in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail account and then Mail Settings. Click Filters, then Create a new filter. In the “To:” section, type in your email address, “John.Smith,” along with the suffix “+TEST” ideally substituting the word “TEST” for something related to your new Twitter account.

Click Next Step once you’ve decided on your forwarding address. Now you can apply labels, stars and more to these forwarded messages.

Click Create Filter once you’re finished. Now head to Twitter and create your new account using your new forwarding email address!

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