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Gallup Proves Why Millennials Need Better Managers

Ah, graduation season.

That time of year when parents rejoice, students turn into professionals, and businesses brace for a horde of incoming hires they seem to not understand at all.

At least that’s the sense I got from a report Gallup released last week. Evidently, millennials are having a tough time in the office. Disengagement is up, career happiness is down, and young people are on the move. All of it’s costing money, and worse, the high turnover is degrading the ability of organizations to plan for the future.

For years businesses have struggled to understand millennial employees, what with their strange working demands and digital-age predilections. But here, by reporting on the immensity of the problem, Gallup may have pointed a clear way forward. [Click to continue…]

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You Know Nothing:
5 Reasons Jon Snow Needs
Management Training

Alert: spoilers below.

Is Jon Snow a good manager? It’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, he’s had to deal with his share of adversity. Like many bosses, he was born a bastard, oversees a barren wasteland, and constantly fears betrayal. Despite these hardships, Jon continues to demonstrate positive leadership traits. He’s a great strategist. He’s principled. He doesn’t die. Overall, he’s a solid choice for Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Still, the challenges he’s faced have consistently been of a quantity and a severity, frankly, that a lot of managers seem to avoid. While he’s a likable guy and a talented fighter, it’s hard not to conclude that some of his struggles could have been prevented had he simply applied basic management principles. Here are a few areas in which he can improve. [Click to continue…]

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How To Inspire Millennial Women to Take on Leadership

For the first time in history, as of October 2015, more women in the U.S. held bachelor’s degrees than men. Unfortunately, higher levels of education don’t seem to be translating into more leadership ambition: according to a recent Pew study, 34% of millennial women say they aren’t interested in becoming top managers. Only 24% of millennial men felt that way. Why?

Perhaps it’s because the pressures of family and career are still palpable. Even in the era of post-Steinem feminism there’s still a gender pay gap, child care costs continue to rise, and the U.S. trails the world in family leave policies. So it’s no surprise 75% of millennial women feel changes are desperately needed in workplace—and that we aren’t exactly clamoring for more responsibility.

With an entire generation of females hesitant to assume positions of power for fear of poor performance or overwhelming stress, today’s companies have an opportunity to step up and ease the burden. Here are five ways to develop and inspire young women to take on leadership roles at your organization: [Click to continue…]

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