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3 Trending Technologies for 2015: A Look Into the Future


For about the last thirty years, personal technology’s evolution has been the story of ever-simplifying user interfaces sitting atop ever-growing computing power. There was once a time when every computer user had to type specific instructions into a command prompt simply to run an application. Today, interfaces are intuitive enough for people who have never touched a computer before to use them. And that’s great — technology’s focus on easing usability has hugely spread its reach. It’s also masked the profundity of the digital transformations taking place right under our noses.

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Microlearning & Learner Accountability


Keeping your team current with digital skills is essential to the success of any manager. Staying ahead of the technological curve, in our era of rapid change, is a crucial evolution without which no team can succeed.

Managers need learner accountability


The challenge arises in finding the right type of skills development. Not all training solutions are equal, because not all empower learners to the same degree. When learners aren’t in charge of their education, their manager is.

We have a word for the kind of system in which managers accept the responsibility for their subordinates’ knowledge growth: school. You, unless you’re a teacher, are not interested in running a school.

Most managers need a program whereby skills training can keep pace with technological change, but is owned by the learners. The challenge, in other words, is finding a training solution that allows accountability to sit squarely with the learner.

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5 Things You Can Learn In Under A Minute on Grovo


Grovo’s training videos are built using the science of microlearning, a method that requires materials to be, among other criteria, short. Video learning is a proven method of training in formal contexts, but it also happens to be a fun way to spend a few minutes’ down time.

We build these lessons to be as “sticky” as possible, which means that you retain the content without having to make an effort to cram it all in. Even if you’re just looking for something to idly span your next sixty seconds, the microlearning magic underlying every Grovo video ensures that you’ll come away with more than you might imagine!

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Flipped Classrooms: Digital Technology and Traditional Instruction


The integration of digital technology into formal education has created new models of pedagogy that are only possible in a connected, user-driven world. “Blended learning” is an umbrella term for learning methods that combine digital technology and traditional, in-person training. One particularly innovative use of blended learning is a “flipped classroom.”

What’s “flipped” about it?

The traditional model of classroom education holds for students to learn a lesson’s content in the classroom, and then to apply it by completing homework assignments outside of school. Flipped classrooms switch these roles. Students consume the lesson’s content outside of school, using digital media, and in school apply the content with an instructor’s aid. Essentially, the student learns the material at home and does “homework” at school. Homework serves the function of content consumption and school serves the function of knowledge application, thus ‘flipping’ the traditional roles of each.

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5 Signs of a Fuel-Efficient Business


An efficient workplace is a happy one: it’s a quiet, puttering motor of focused output, operations smooth as butter, tools and equipment that run effortlessly, and a competent, proficient workforce humming along, raking in profits, because they’re a powerhouse of productivity.

Unfortunately, not every office models such corporate horsepower; in fact, when you start to examine optimal versus actual efficiency, few are cranking at top speed.

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Introducing Our Newest Resource:

Digital Skills Gap

Grovo is pleased to introduce its new microsite —!

Its goal is to become the go-to resource for all things related to the widening digital skills gap — the chasm that exists between those often-outdated technological skills that workers at businesses large and small, students, and educators currently possess, and those digital skills that these folks need to be successful working in the 21st century. A study by IDC, a tech research company, suggests that time wasted due to inadequate digital skills adds up to 21% of total productivity for digital workers!

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Girl Scouts Digital Cookie Program Exemplifies Trend


What could be more American-made? Besides baseball and mom’s apple pie, it’s the Girl Scouts of the USA, which just this week announced the first phase of its new national Digital Cookie program. Be they classic Thin Mints, Somoas or Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-Si-Dos, the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies since 1917 in order to fund troop initiatives.

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The 7 Lessons of a Complete College Education


A college education is more than just the classes a student takes. College comes at a formative time in most students’ lives; often, it’s the last taste of formal education they’ll have before moving into the job market and adulthood.

Freshmen step onto campus as teenagers, with little skills training under their belt aside from K-12 schooling. By the time they leave, they need to have matured into capable professionals ready to get jobs and answer to new responsibilities. Their time in college has to have provided them with more than just what they majored in. They need to be equipped with these seven skills—the constituent pieces of a truly preparatory college education.

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Are our Children Learning from Technology Leaders or Laggards?


Teachers are extremely important in our ecosystem of learning and the quest to attain knowledge and become enlightened individuals. They work hard, they mold young minds and they often convey highly complicated concepts in ways that allow for those minds to purposefully stretch.

However, for all of the remarkable feats of teachers, professional development initiatives have lagged when it comes to equipping many educators with the digital skills and technological competencies they need for the current 21st century world.

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5 Innovative Lessons that Promote Teamwork & Collaboration


Every time a student sits at a computer, whether to watch Netflix or use social media, they have access to the accumulated knowledge of the human race. For K-12 teachers, the information revolution means that the traditional method of textbook-based, one-way knowledge transmission is in for some radical changes in the coming years. The struggle for learners moving forward won’t be acquiring knowledge, but contextualizing and applying it constructively.

The traditional mode of silent, independent examination is not always the most complete method of testing for that skill. Working in teams, conversely, requires both social skills and critical thinking. It’s not inconceivable that in the near future, assignments and exams with teamwork built into the grade will entirely replace the traditional sight of lonely students in the library and silent, anxious test-takers being patrolled by a teacher on the lookout for illicit information-sharing. In tomorrow’s digital economy, information-sharing will be a virtue.

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Grovo Voted the Best Place to Work in NYC Tech!



Grovo Learning is extremely proud to have been named the “Best Place to Work in New York City Tech” by Internet Week New York!

The award was presented by Internet Week New York at a ceremony honoring the 30 best technology companies to work for in the city. The list of nominees included heavy hitters like BuzzFeed, Barbarian Group, and Squarespace. Ultimately, the voting results confirmed what we Grovo Sapiens have long felt: there is no better place to work in New York City.

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Are We Equipping Our Children with the Right Tools?


Today’s children are very familiar with an exhaustive list of new and emerging technologies. These include devices such as iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, laptops and more, along with an array of online digital software, email, texting and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The 21st century is upon them. As net denizens, most are just fine seamlessly blending new technologies into their everyday lives.

The question is, are we providing them with the correct and necessary tools to navigate the new digital-centric world in which technology continues to evolve each and every day? Will they have the essential skills required to compete in college and/or the fast-moving digital workplace?

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Crunch Management: 5 Tips For When Time Management Has Failed


These are the moments that try even the best planners’ souls. You have a deadline, you have the resources, and you’re willing and able; you just don’t have any time. The clock is ticking and you need to detonate your workflow into an explosion of laser-guided productivity, now. Welcome to crunch time.

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The War Between E-Learning and Traditional Learning is a Mirage


Do you prefer peanut butter or grape jelly? Would you eat a hamburger without a hefty slice of cheese? Would a salad without both lettuce and tomato be appealing?

The truth is that certain foods just pair up beautifully, enhance each other and together give you a more fulfilling dining experience. You certainly could have one without the other, but why would you?

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Roundup: Learning and Development News


Did you attend the DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas late last month (October 29 through 31)? Not only was Grovo represented at this much anticipated learning and education technology conference with a highly visible and much visited exhibitor booth, housing key members of the Grovo team, but it was also where our CEO Jeff Fernandez could be found talking to everyone who sought to learn more about what Grovo does, and how we do it. At the Grovo booth number 404 (error: booth not found!), members of our team were busy giving demos on TV screens of our 60- to 90-second video training using our microlearning platform.

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