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Create Your Best Products with Human-Centered Design

The newest track in our Design Thinking curriculum will get you started.

Earlier this month, we launched the first track in our design thinking curriculum to put your team in the mindset of innovation. Today, we’re adding a second track to help you bring human-centered design thinking principles to your organization.

Many of the products we know, love, and use every single day were built using design thinking principles. Human-centered design is front and center every morning when you swing by Starbucks to pick up your coffee or when you sit at your Ikea desk to work on your Apple computer. The ideas for these and many other innovative solutions often come from paying close attention to the person who will ultimately use them. [Click to continue…]

Current Events

Learn How 5 Innovators Take Their Training Programs to the Next Level

Last month, a group of Grovo Sapiens attended Training magazine’s Training 2017 Conference and Expo—one of the top events of the year for learning leaders and trainers across the globe. Along with amazing keynote speakers and an expo full of learning and training solutions, one of the highlights of the event is the announcement of Training Top 125.

Every year since 2000, Training magazine has released a list of the top 125 organizations that “demonstrate a strong focus on effective training and employee development tied to corporate strategic goals and business impact.” These companies take learning seriously, and their investment shows.

There’s a lot we can learn from each of the 125 names on the list, so we’ve chosen to highlight five standout examples of enterprises leading the way in training to inspire you. [Click to continue…]

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How Microlearning Helps IHG Get Their Customer Care Reps On the Floor Faster

Our customers at IHG faced a common predicament when it came to training their Customer Care Representatives: soft skills are difficult to teach. Pair that with increasingly complex customer requests and diverse Customer Care Representatives, and it’s no wonder their existing onboarding was taking 5 weeks or longer. Within months of embracing Grovo’s microlearning method, onboarding decreased to 2 weeks, Customer Care reps were feeling confident, and customers’ questions were being answered quicker and more effectively than ever before. [Click to continue…]