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Grooming Your Skills Doesn’t Have to Be Ruff: Training with the American Kennel Club

For years, the American Kennel Club had been dogged by a singular problem: how to get their 300-plus employees aligned and up-to-date on everything from compliance issues, to digital skills, to leadership development. With offices in North Carolina and New York, along with a pack of traveling, remote workers, scheduling training sessions was more like…well, herding cats.

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Everything My Mom And Dad Taught Me About Learning

I needed my parents growing up. At first, anyway. Then I grew older, and in my teenage mind, I didn’t need them anymore. By the time I left for college, I saw my childhood as pretty much the story of two eras: a time when I had to learn from my parents, and a time when I’d already figured everything out.

Then I became an adult. New needs emerged, like making job decisions and picking overpriced apartments. It dawned on me that I had entered a third phase. Suddenly, I wanted to learn from my parents. As I began to understand them as people and not just family, I felt lucky to have them.

Today, I’m an Account Manager at Grovo. Every day I work with learning professionals who help their employees stay skilled, engaged, and motivated. My job is to help good people get better. And whenever I need inspiration, I look to my mom and dad: two people who have never stopped working to become their best selves.

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Why Microlearning Drives Over 20% More Information Retention Than Long-Form Training

The world of enterprise L&D has yet another reason to be buzzing about microlearning. As if the potential to transform behaviors and organizations wasn’t intriguing enough, a new study out of Germany indicates that short content drives over 20% more information retention. The excitement never stops, does it?

The reason (and the irony) behind microlearning’s superior information retention is that as a method, microlearning is basically unconcerned with information transfer. The kind of learning you did in school, where you learned things from a book and had to apply them towards a test, is not what microlearning designs to achieve. But in the process of doing its day job—helping learners build successful behaviors—microlearning moonlights as a pretty good transmitter of information, too. Here’s the story. [Click to continue…]

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