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Spaced Repetition Apps Are the New 3×5: Futuristic Flashcards and Microlearning

Get ready to experience the magic of flashcards in a whole new way. That’s right, folks: the least sexy learning method in the world is getting a makeover. As The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger reported in April, the age-old method of drilling on facts is being reimagined in a number of e-learning apps that have

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5 Ways to Build Company Culture While Scaling Growth, with Jeff Fernandez

This week, Grovo was honored to be featured as a presenter for NewCo, a festival that takes you behind the scenes at New York’s 100 most innovative companies. During an hourlong speaking session at our office on Wednesday, our CEO and Cofounder Jeff Fernandez shared his insights on how to keep company culture strong during

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Professor Peter Cappelli Takes On the Skills Gap

The world looked a lot different in 2012. President Obama was fighting for a second term on the strength of spotty economic progress. Recession was still on the nation’s mind. The specter of a “jobless recovery” loomed after of the crisis of 2008. It was in that environment that Peter Cappelli, a professor of management


Learn Better, Work Better: How 21st Century Training Elevates Performance

In Grovo’s newest webinar, “Learn Better, Work Better: How 21st Century Training Elevates Performance,” Director of Learning Alex Khurgin today presented a stark portrait of the current crisis in training and a road map for how companies can get out of it. Check out the white paper if you want the full story, but here’s

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Grovo Does New York TechDay

Last Thursday, Grovo got to hang out with some of our NYC tech brethren and sistren at the fourth annual New York TechDay. The event, dedicated to companies doing “something awesome with tech,” drew over 400 startups from across the globe. Pier 92 in Manhattan was transformed into a global “science fair for startups” as

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5 Higher Ed Learning Trends About to Reshape the Workplace

As we speak, the leaders of tomorrow’s corporate world are malnourished and living in cramped conditions. They see too little light during the day and stay awake too long at night. No, our young leaders aren’t all locked up abroad. They’re in college. And it is there that they’re forming the habits that will come

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7 Tips for Recent College Graduates to Get Hired at a Startup

If you’re a college student or recent graduate with an eye on working at a startup straight out of college, you have your work cut out for you. Startups, youthful and irreverent as they typically are, generally consist of incredibly busy people for whom the most valuable resource in the world is time. When startups

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5 Enterprises Kicking Ass in Training

Making a commitment to corporate training and development doesn’t just spontaneously happen. It takes effort and planning across all parts of an organization for L&D professionals to teach the skills their teams of employees need, and for employees to be open to the learning and development experiences within their workplace. Several companies have made it

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L&D Meets the Cosmo Quiz: Grovo’s Friday Roundup

Some forward-thinking organizations are moving L&D into decidedly Cosmo quiz territory. “Some companies are now beginning to incorporate tailored models based on personality types into their L&D strategies,” writes Chloe Taylor at HC Online. The four learning personality types they’ve identified are the Directive Driver, Contemplative Advisor, Adaptive Coach, and Consultative Counsellor. (I want to be

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If Your Employees Aren’t Excited For Training, You’re Doing It Wrong

Employees sure hate training, don’t they? In nearly every report we see on workplace skills development, employees and managers alike say that training programs burden their victims far more than they help. It’s frustrating to hear when employees don’t see the value in training. A culture of good workplace skills development is one of the