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What Drives the World’s Most Valuable Volunteers?

Open-source software is the bedrock of the digital world. Though many of us associate modern computing with brands like Apple or IBM, much of the technology that those companies use was developed without much formal organization, out in the open, by anyone interested in contributing. It’s impossible to imagine where the world would be without open-source; familiar software like Firefox,

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Use Blended Learning to Beef Up Your Training

Learning new skills is a process. And sometimes, the best results are achieved through blending digital content with in-person learning sessions. Take, for example, the process of training new managers. Managing people is a nuanced skill that takes lots of practice, especially by those who have never seen it done well. Learning from a support


Build Effective Teams: Better, Stronger, Faster, Together

In our last curriculum, we explored ways to manage your reports as individuals. Finding and developing outstanding individual performers is a big part of being a manager, but it’s only half the battle. If you can’t bring your all-stars together as a team, productivity, performance and efficiency suffer. In Build Effective Teams, we offer a


The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been one of the most talked-about topics in human capital management for twenty-five years. And yet, despite the attention of professionals from every area of the business world—or maybe because of it—the term itself has never gained a universal definition. There’s no reason it couldn’t, though. On the whole, all of us


Grow Your Employees: Empower and Develop Your Team

Managing people isn’t something you’re born knowing how to do. If it was, you would see a lot more toddler MBA candidates. The skills required to lead and inspire others are usually gained through years of experience and hard work.

Creating Effective Learning Content
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5 Tips For Creating Effective Learning Content

Is there anything effective learning can’t do? We know it empowers and aligns your workforce. We know it helps people do their best work in an environment that’s changing faster than ever. The only thing training can’t do, it seems, is appeal to the people who get all these benefits. Because for all the empowerment

Do Emotions Belong in the Workplace

Do Emotions Belong In The Workplace?

Knowledge workers care about what they do for a living. They can’t help it. A job in the knowledge economy requires years of education, innate talents, and a lot of an employee’s time. It’s not just button-pushing. Asked to bring their whole selves to the job, modern knowledge workers crave work that engages their whole selves—including their emotions.

6 Learning Predictions from the Future
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6 Learning Predictions from the Future

Last week, Grovo hosted over 75 members of New York City’s L&D community at the Soho Grand for “The Future of Learning,” an event dedicated to identifying trends and challenges on the horizon of organizational learning. The night’s featured event was an expert panel moderated by Inc.com’s deputy editor Allison Fass, with Equinox’s director Nathan Knight, DDB’s global talent manager Veronica Tucker, and Grovo’s own learning director, Alex Khurgin.

Grant Powers on Grovo

Start Granting Powers on Grovo

L&D's role has spread well beyond content creation and distribution. These days facilitating learning more broadly may mean empowering managers and other professionals at an organization to take learning into their own hands. To do this, managers need more information and tools to get involved. They need the “power” to help.


Developing Yourself as a Manager—Your Personal Growth Path

Becoming a manager is an achievement; becoming a great manager takes ongoing commitment. “Developing Yourself as a Manager: Your Personal Development Path,” our new competency within Grovo’s Management Skills curriculum, helps individuals develop the skills and knowledge that will help them grow into managers able to capably handle the demands of the job.