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Create a Safe, Inclusive Workplace With New Lessons From Grovo

After last year’s tumultuous election, the topics of diversity and inclusion are in the spotlight more than ever—especially in the workplace. That’s just one reason why here at Grovo we continue to create content that will help organizations better address these critical subjects. We started by releasing content to help your teams understand and address unconscious bias, and today we’re following up with Inclusive Teams—content to ensure everyone has a voice at the table. [Click to continue…]

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What Can the World’s First CLO Teach Us About Learning?

Before 1989, there was no such thing as a Chief Learning Officer. That all changed when Steve Kerr, then a consultant for General Electric, approached the company’s legendary CEO Jack Welch about creating a permanent executive leadership position devoted to overseeing employee development.

Welch liked the idea. But what he didn’t like was Kerr’s suggestion to name the position Chief Education Officer. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of two CEOs, so he came up with Chief Learning Officer instead. The CLO was born, organizations all over the world quickly followed suit, and Kerr went on to run Crotonville, GE’s landmark 59-acre management training center up until March 2001.

Six years later, in an interview with Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Kerr reflected on his time with Welch, the evolving role of CLO and the learning profession as a whole. The insights he offered are as relevant today as they were then, so we’ve pulled out a few key takeaways from Kerr’s philosophy that we think are right on the money. As always, everything begins with the learner.
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Learn to Prototype With the Latest Track in Our Design Thinking Curriculum

Over the course of the last month, we’ve released dozens of microlearning lessons within two tracks to transform your team into creative problem solvers: Transform Your Team With Design Thinking and Maximize Value With Human-Centered Design. Today, we’re releasing the last track in our design thinking series, Prototype to Iterate. This track will give you and your learners a way to build products more effectively. [Click to continue…]