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Grovo Wins Tech.Co’s New York City Startup of the Year

Grovo is excited and extremely proud to announce that we’ve been voted New York City Startup of the Year by Tech.Co, an influential media company for startups, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts. Our people are our greatest assets. They are what has earned Grovo both this honor and Internet Week’s award for the Best Place to

New Content on Grovo

Straight Outta Content: Grovo’s New Videos This Month

During the lazy days of summer, it’s easy to forget that a world of trouble lurks right outside your door. But don’t worry—Grovo’s Content team has your back. In August, we created lessons on medical insurance and online security to give you peace of mind on the Internet and in the real world. Insurance policies


Introducing Grovo’s New API and Live Events Manager

Today, Grovo is thrilled to announce the launch of two big additions to our platform: a User Management API to connect Grovo to your human resource database, and a tool for managing in-person training events. Here’s how Grovo is integrating even more with the learning that takes place in your company. Has your HRIS met Grovo

Current EventsLearning & Development

5 Media Tricks That Build Culture Through Learning

More media outlets exist today than ever before. A generation ago, most people got their current events from relatively few sources: periodicals, broadcast news, and, quite literally, the water cooler. These same outlets still exist in the 21st century, but they’ve been joined by a universe of new content sources, including social media and the

Professional DevelopmentSoft Skills

Why Every New Hire Needs A Mentor

The best way to convey the value of constant development to new hires is to get them familiar with what proven success in your organization looks like. Give every rookie that joins your company a mentor to guide them. Choose mentors from among the best veteran performers at the organization, establish interface between them and

Grovo For Good

Grovo for Good Visits The Bowery Mission

On August 7, Grovo for Good held the first of our monthly service days – Fridays for Good, at The Bowery Mission’s Harlem center and it was a success! Grovo employees spent about two hours with an amazing group of men. We exchanged life stories, learned about their professional aspirations, and assisted with professional development

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HumorMicrolearningOnline Training

Can 80s Training Videos Work As Microlearning?

The 1980s was the golden age of training videos. I remember it well. It was a decade of big hair, loud colors, and shoulder-padded blazers, all of which showed up great in the low-resolution video that was fashionable at the time. Every month brought a new innovation in synthesizer technology, creating rhythms that were both

Competency-Based TrainingComplianceCurrent Events

Why 21st Century Learning Could Fix Occupational Licensing

Last week, the White House released an economic report that criticized the proliferation of occupational regulation in the United States. The administration surprised many by taking a downright libertarian tone on the issue, which it described as an unnecessary inhibitor to competition and employment opportunity. “The current licensing regime in the United States creates substantial costs,

Learning & Development

The One Question Every L&D Leader Needs to Answer

Learning and development has more influence inside organizations today than ever before. Whereas once the learning function in a company was content to provide compliance and job training, along with a bit of job support, L&D now touches the complete employee life cycle, from onboarding until departure. As one of the main definiens of the

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Grovo For Good

Grovo for Good Kicks Off With A Summer Soirée

Grovo has always been a mission-driven company, dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to do their best work through effective learning. So it wasn’t a surprise when, in December of last year, our CEO Jeff Fernandez announced the next phase of Grovo: a philanthropic arm dedicated to using the power of our people and our