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12 Reasons Why Grovo is #2 on Fortune’s Great Places to Work List

We here at Grovo are incredibly proud to be listed as #2 on Fortune’s Top 100 US Great Places to Work list among medium-sized workplaces. Fortune’s ranking, which is based on 52,000 surveys compiled and graded by their partner Great Places to Work, offers insight about what truly makes a workplace stand out above the rest.

To us, this is a big deal.

It’s no secret that we’ve been on a mission to craft the world’s best workplace, and our people-centric culture and standard of performance are at the center of everything we do. 

Benefits and perks like ping pong and iced coffee on tap are great, but as we always say, the people make the place. So what makes Grovo Sapiens look forward to Mondays? Here are 12 reasons we think Grovo is the #2 best place to work in the country, in our own words. [Click to continue…]

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4 Tips For Developing Better Leaders in a High-Growth Company

Operating a fast-growing company in today’s business environment can be a challenge. To keep up with industry changes, from advancing technology to shifting market demands, it’s essential to continually employ new strategies to get ahead of the curve—and stay there. One obvious strategy essential to sustaining growth is consistently hiring managers. Employees are your greatest asset, but if you don’t have the proper management to successfully lead them, you jeopardize growth and put the business at risk. [Click to continue…]

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