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Why Leadership Isn’t About the Leader

Last week, we launched our new First-Time Manager Microlearning Program. As we worked to develop this curriculum, I wondered: Do I have what it takes to be a great leader? Who does? How do you know?

A quick Google search would tell you that leadership comes down to your personality traits. Top results like the Air Force’s Leadership Traits List list would have you believe that you have to be charismatic, dominant, and assertive to lead successfully.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because these descriptors echo over 100 years of leadership theories. In the mid-1800s, the philosopher Thomas Carlyle popularized the Trait Leadership Theory, arguing that some people have inborn traits that predispose them for leadership. And in 1913, the sociologist Max Weber argued that the best leaders have charisma and unquestionable authority.

But, what if these traits don’t sound like you? Does that mean you’re not destined for greatness? That you’ll never lead or even worse, you’ll never lead effectively? Not necessarily. It turns out, all of these trait-based models are looking at the problem wrong. (more…)

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Planning Your 2018 Microlearning® Strategy: Workshop Recap

The new year is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start focusing on your 2018 learning strategy. However, as you probably know, coming up with a set of tangible, critical areas of focus can be tough. Not only is it hard to parse what behaviors and pain points to focus on, but it can be even harder to get buy-in from your stakeholders and prevent other priorities from completely diluting your efforts.

To help our customers develop a strong and actionable learning strategy for 2018, we held our first ever strategy workshop in our New York Office last week. It was great to meet such a motivated group of L&D leaders and take the time to assess and respond to the learning and business challenges they’re facing in 2018. And you know what? As we discussed and brainstormed as a group, we found that despite our organizational differences, our learning challenges are often very similar.

In case you couldn’t make it, we wanted to share some tools and tips from the workshop  that you can use to make this coming year your best yet. Here are the  three steps I recommend every L&D practitioner use to create a viable 2018 learning strategy: (more…)

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Grovo’s First-Time Manager Microlearning® Program Will Help Your New Managers Thrive in 2018

Think back to your first management experience. Did you set clear expectations with your team? Were you an all-star communicator? Did you appreciate the value of delegation? Probably not. And neither did I.

But we know that figuring out how to help new managers navigate these common pitfalls is on just about every executive’s mind today. In fact, Deloitte research shows that nearly 90% of companies say finding and developing strong leaders is an urgent challenge—and they’re investing billions in learning and development to make it happen. (more…)