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5 Powerful Forces Shaping L&D in 2017

For L&D, the times they are a-changin’. Here’s what you need to know.


Change is in the air—especially if you work in L&D. From the boardroom to the job boards, learning is rapidly taking center stage for employees and employers alike. More than eight out of 10 leaders say learning is an important issue, and Harvard Business Review reports that “job seekers from entry-level to executive are more concerned with opportunities for learning and development than any other aspect of a prospective job.”

In this post, we’ll cover five critical forces of change that are propelling L&D forward, and explain why they matter to you. Understand these forces and you won’t just see the change happening in L&D; you’ll have a chance to actually be it. Let’s get started.
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Engagement Our Customers

Boost Learner Engagement: Tie Grovo Into Your In-Person Training Days

Getting—and keeping—your learners engaged with training is no easy feat. Which is why starting off on the right foot could be just what your organization needs in order to achieve the outcomes and behavioral transformation you’re hoping for in the first place. Microlearning, in and of itself, is an excellent way get your learners hooked on learning right from the start. But how?

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Happening at Grovo Our Company

Looking Back to Look Forward: 2016 at Grovo HQ

It’s the last week of December, which means the 3 stages of holiday feels are in full effect: reflection, year-end-list making and next-year-goal setting. Nowhere are those felt more strongly than here at Grovo HQ. While it’s safe to say 2016 has been an interesting one, it has also been one of the most rewarding—yet challenging—years in our company’s history. Let’s reflect, shall we? [Click to continue…]