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Make Your Company a Magnet for Millennials

As millennials flood the workforce, companies are seeing a massive drop in employee engagement — the lowest it’s been in the past eight years. Why? Perhaps because 21st century employees are different from those in previous generations — such as their attention spans, how they consume content and how fast they’ll leave an employer they’re dissatisfied with. Further, replacing them is a massive challenge costing companies billions annually. [Click to continue…]

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5 L&D Lessons We Can Learn From Olympic Champions

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are in full swing in Rio de Janeiro! There’s so much we can learn from the Games about training and development, as there’s no better example of the power of great training than these incredible feats of athleticism. Here are five ways we can apply Olympic training strategies in our own organizations:

Think about the future, but focus on the present.

For Olympic hopefuls, long-term planning is just as important as short-term performance. Many develop highly detailed training schedules for the entire four years leading up to the games to ensure they reach specific performance goals, but at the same time, they’re hyper-focused on meeting today’s training goals.

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Grovo Helps Magellan Reach New Levels of L&D Success

At Magellan Health, offering employees a great place to work is not only a focus—it’s a top priority. The talent management team prides itself on providing career development opportunities to its 6,900 employees. Yet the company’s former internal professional development resource was clunky and slow—a throwback learning solution that didn’t match up with the company’s public commitment to creativity and innovation. Only 80 people logged in to complete their online training in 2015—dismal returns on what was supposed to be a great company learning perk.

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