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7 Keys To Building a High Impact Learning Culture

When Peter Cappelli published his book Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs several years ago, the Wharton Professor of Management highlighted the growing skills gap in today’s marketplace. His research showed that 50% of companies offer learning benefits, but the other half relied upon employees working independently to improve their skill sets.

Today those numbers remain virtually unchanged. [Click to continue…]

Future of Learning Millennials

Yes, Millennials Are Real.
Here’s What We Want.

A few months ago, I was at a family function when an older gentleman next to me in the beverage line started some friendly small talk. He was a former associate of someone’s, well into his retirement, and eager to chit-chat.

We stood there and swapped a few pleasantries. Then, about a minute in, a strange look came over him. “Wait. You need to help me,” he blurted. His eyes got big. He started fumbling frantically in his pockets. Oh no, I thought. Please don’t die.

Finally, he pulled out an old iPhone. “This!” Gripped it like a brick, almost at arm’s length. “This thing keeps going off at the same time every day and don’t know how to fix it. Please. Make it stop.” [Click to continue…]

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The 5 Disorders Of
Terrible Managers

Having a bad manager is like eating a bad burrito at lunch: it’s uncomfortable and stressful and makes you want to quit your job. The sad thing is, a stressed-out employee usually means the manager is struggling too. Here are five disorders managers suffer from that inspire talented employees to take their talents elsewhere. [Click to continue…]

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